Established 1992

The Montessori Curriculum which is a form of Playful Learning addresses all areas of the child’s development,   incorporating the four Main Themes of Aistear :


Expanding vocabulalry
Expression through visual arts.


Identity & Belonging:

Children will have strong self identities, and feel respected and affirmed as unique!
Co-operation, interaction


'Would you like some pizza for your dinner!'
'We can balance like a tree!'
' I am pouring very carefully. Look! I didn't spill any'
' Oh! The small cube keeps falling, have to put it on very carefully now! '
" I love painting my telescope black!
'This telescope looks cool!'
'That star is very sticky!'
I can see baby Pluto the dwarf planet!
' Mars has red sand! '
'I can see Saturn with the rings
'I'm going to space in my rocket!'

'We can do these all by ourselves!

' Number 10 is the bigges number!'

'We love playing with our friends!'

 I like playing with the tool box!'with the tool box!'

'Woops that piece doesn't fit there!'

'Yoga is great fun!'

'That girl has long hair like my sister!'

Look at all those funny shaped triangles!

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Exploring & Thinking:

Learn about and make sense of the world
around them.Develop skills and strategies
for observing, questioning and investigating


Well Being:

Creative Expression
Active Learners
Enjoyment,Satisfaction Motivation


 I am building a funny clown !'
' Mammy bear and baby bear are going for a picnic'
' Lets do the cylinders together! Then we can take more blocks out!'
' We are decorating our telescopes with pretty stars"!
'We have gold and silver stars for our telescope!'
' I am putting loads and loads of stars on my telescope.'
'Planet Earth is my favourite planet because we live there!'
' I can see the big big sun!'
'Jupiter is the biggest Planet!'
"This is a really cool telescope!"
'Look thats the smallest circle!'

'I am counting and matching the smarties to the ice cream!'

 I am counting 7 spindles into my hand - thats a lot!'

' E is for Elegant Elephant!'

'Look ! I finished the cylinders by myself!'

      'We are pretending to be trees!'

'G is for Goats are giggling! Thats Funny! '

'I am putting loads of snow on!. Penguins love snow!'

' Wow! That's a cool rocket!!'