Established 1992

Teddy bear day 

Show and Tell ' is a chance for children to take  center stage in front of their friends.  Most young chldren love to show off their prized possessions.
Show-and-tell time gives our children a chance to be the center of attention for a bit as they explain the significance of the item they brought, while other children show interest and ask questions about that loved object.

This positive social interaction helps them to learn and experience public speaking - a skill  they will use throughout their life.

'Tony is 5. I threw him down the stairs, an accident. I put a plaster on his nose. He eats porridge!'

'George the Monkey and Sparky. On Sunday when the dinner is gone he went outside. I ran away to the garage bin, cause he ate all the trash.George loves bananas. They can both dance!'  

'This is Elmo, he's a cat, and he jumps with me so high! He has a brother called Bird. The blue teddy is his friend. He eats pies and sleeps with my other teddy called White Bunny!'

'He's mine! He stands and dances. His name is Paka - light. I'll show you  Look! press the button!'

'My teddy is a boy, he live in a cave and eats honey. He lives with baby bear and likes lollipops!'  

'Cuddles plays, she lives in my house  and eats grass.Cuddles is a cow from the farm. She paints a flower !'

' A dog, a baby dog and a chicken. The mammy walks. The baby walks beside in the park. There will be slides, they slide down!

Marshall and Chase. I like dogs, play with them in the ground jumping. I give them chicken for dinner. The two sleep in my bed!'

'Daisy is a lion. Her name is Lion. She lives in the jungle. She dances in the jungle.She eats grass and chocolate.Marshall and Chase are her friend 

'This is Elsie, she is three ! She likes to eat brocolli. She plays hide and seek, and hides in her playroom. She sleeps in my bedroom'

This Danny! He's a dog Woof Woof!!He likes chocolate and sweeties. He has a mommy, daddy and sisters. He's my friend, he plays
with me and sleeps with me!'

'Goose is 4. I play hide and seek, and go on a trampoline with him. He likes brocolli and carrots. He is very fit.He jumps look! He sleeps in my bed!' 

'Cuddles has a hole in her arm. Abbie threw her up in the ceiling and she fell in the ground.She brought her to Cuddlestown to make her better!'

'Declan got it! He eats fish. He is called Mr Penguin. He lives in the Antarctic. It's cold where he lives!'

'My favourite, a baby teddy. She sits and dances. I play with Teddy with Tadgh. She eats pasta!'

'Marshall is ten. He can jump and he can run. I saw him in bed, he was sleeping. He likes to eat dog food. His friends are Rubble, Rockie, and Skye!'

'A parrot, he can't talk.he can fall down and can fly. He has wings. He eats meat. He likes seeds and bread!'

Daisy the cow. she lives on the farm eating the hay. She doesn't do much all day. She likes to dance look! Now can we put on the Irish music for her to dance?'

'Dendy eats brocolli, carrots and potatoes.He drinks water. We play pumpkins.He is a puppet, he can't talk, but he can clap hands. He sleeps with me, he dreams about a toy and is not scared!' 

'Elephant, he is 3. He eats chips and strawberry. He sleep with me. We play cars! '

' Bunny jumps so high. I can catch him. He laughs like this Ha! Ha! Ha! He is 3 like me. He likes pasta and sleeps with me!'

'Teddy dances to the sky. He is 4. He eats chips. He sleeps on the floor!

'Chase, he’s 3, he likes to eat pasta. His friend is Rubble. He sleeps in my bed!'

'Unicorn, she likes bolognaise. She plays with pony. She sleeps in my unicorn bed!'

‘Teddy he is 1. He likes sandwiches. He doesn’t want to go to the playground. He jumps and runs, I can hold his hand’

‘Gollie, he likes to go to the playground. He sits on the slide’

‘Ouccy, he goes on the swing, and we push him, and he goes WEEE!! He eats sausages and carrots!'

‘My Monkey, he lies to eat Pizza. He plays train'

'Snuggles, he is 4. He eats hamburgers. We play action figures together. He sleeps in my bedroom!' 

‘Mae Mae, she has a mermaid table. She likes to swim!'

                                                                ‘Paddington, he likes marmalade.
                                                                 His friend is Mammy and Daddy!’

  We're going on a bear hunt!'                                                         'We're gonna catch a big one ! 

The bears are walking through the woods

Hoorah! Today!

The bears are walking through the woods

To eat and play.

They catch some fish. They eat them, too.


They munch on berries, quite a few!

Then they run around and climb
Up a tree!

There goes one! two! and three!

We all go marching Hurray Hurray Today!