Ballinter Montessori School

Creativity at the easel.!

I am spooning and pouring very quietly!"

Oh! the baby cube keeps falling down!"

" I am four now and I can count!"

Quiet time in the library"

'I wonder can the cow swim in the pond?'

'I stretch my arms up and breathe in deep!'

'We love playing the drums!'

Type your new text here.

" I'm drawing a treasure map".

"I can do my own buttons now"

I have to put all these cylinders back "

"I an counting all the spindles back in"

Now I can build words on my own ! "

'It's very cold in Antarctica only penguins live there!'

'I am steady I am strong, a tall tall tree with roots so long'

'Now we can dance to the music 

" I painted a sunflower!

'This is a cool rocket!'

"We don't need help from teacher with our blue boxes now."

I think the bird's beak goes here!

"I can write all my sounds now !"

Jupiter is the biggest planet

'I am happy, I am good!'

We can play to the beat!