Ballinter Montessori School

Daily Timetable

No two days are the same in our Montessori class as the children
 explore discover engage socialise and have fun!!

 Activities are freely chosen leading each child towards mastery of intellectual, social, physical and daily life skills!

 see timetable for details:

Can you help me make a space rocket?
I am threading a jumper for my clown
Let's wash the dishes

9.00—9.10 a.m. Meet and Greet!

 9.10 - 10.50a.m. FreePlay/Montessori

 Free Play involves Imaginative, Creative, Textural, Constructive,Role Play, Farm and Wild Animals etc.
 Montessori includes Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language and Culture,see Curriculum for details.

 Children work with Montessori materials under the supervision of teachers. Through careful observation, each child is introduced to new Montessori materials throughout the year as they develop the necessary skills and competence.The system of introducing new work throughout the year ensures variety and interest.

I can pour my juice on my own
I put legs on my robot, he is from Star Wars!
Let's make a Pizza!
We will mix the chocolate with the rice krispies
This rabbit is so cute
I have to put the dinner on now
Lunch time let's set the table

10.50-11.15am—Break time

 Children are encouraged to bring in school bags, set tables,
 prepare for lunch and tidy up

 11.15-11.45am—Outdoor play

 This is in the school playground, two teachers  supervising, weather permitting

12.20-12.30 noon

 Children are shown how to put on coats, collect schoolbags and wait for parents to collect


I caught you, now its your turn to chase me!
Sheilagh has loads of drums¬
We can balance like a tree

We have a weekly group craft activity relevant to the topic or theme of the week - see Curriculum by Season.

 We also offer a weekly Children's Yoga and Music class.