Established 1992

Christmas 2019

'We Loved Decorating Our Class For Christmas! '

'We made a beautiful Christmas tree for our Wall!

First we cut out a big triangle, then we put our our handprints on to make leaves!'


'Teacher gave us red tissue, cotton wool, and loads of Christmas stickers.

We had great fun, making pretend snow, and puting our Santa,Reindeer and funny Christmas stickers on !'



'Then we made Christmas Cards and lovely hanging decorations for our Christmas tree for Santa to see!'

'Santa was very happy to see us. He thought our decorations were beautiful! He said not to leave too much mince pie in case he got stuck up the chimney. We gave him porridge with magic glitter for Rudolph, Santa said Rudolph loves porridge. He knew all our names and got our letters and said he would be back with our 'Special Presents Christmas Night.' 

'Goodbye Boys and Girls I have to go now, and get your toys ready for Christmas Night! '

 'Thanks for coming to our school Santa, and thanks for the presents!   

 Tell Rudolph we will leave more porridge for him in our own house! ' 

 'Goodbye, we love you Santa!'


 Sam came and played the guitar and we had great fun singing and dancing to the music!!