Established 1992

Teddy bear day 

Show and Tell ' is a chance for children to take  center stage in front of their friends.  Most young chldren love to show off their prized possessions.
Show-and-tell time gives our children a chance to be the center of attention for a bit as they explain the significance of the item they brought, while other children show interest and ask questions about that loved object.

This positive social interaction helps them to learn and experience public speaking - a skill  they will use throughout their life.

'Girl bear! Honey in China, sleep in bed, she is tiny, in her tummy Grr Grr!!'

'My teddies are called brown teddies, they are brothers. One brother is 6 and the other is 4 years. They sleep in Rory's bed!'

'My teddy is a boy, he live in a cave and eats honey. He lives with baby bear and likes lollipops!'  

'My dog's name is called Marshall. He is in Paw Patrol, his friends are Rabble, Ryder, Sky, Chase.
Spanish is how he speaks!'


'My cat is called Rossi. She is 9 years old and she eats cat food. She has 9 babies and they drink milk!'

'A bear from school - love bears!'

'My teddy is a racoon, he is called Bandit. He lives in the forest, he likes to eat branches. Amanda 'Does he have a job? ' 'Of course he has a job !!! He puts branches back up into the forest and spikes them into the ground, at the end of the week he gets lots of sticks. He has a brown tail and his nose is black!' 

'My teddy is called Lucas. He is 5 years old and he lives in the present. He likes letters, he finds treasures in the leaves!'

'My dog is a boy and his name is Dark Vedor, he is 4 years.

His favourite present is a racing car !

'This is Spikey he he has spikes on him! He wraps himself and turns upside down. He sleeps like that.
They live in a volcano, Spikey likes apples, Fire likes oranges.
Spikey has a tail, it knocks down things, it's big. Fire flies and walks!

'My unicorn is a girl and her name is Din Din. She likes dinosaurs, her hair is pink, blue, green and red. She has a corn on her head, and has magic. Horsey is her favourite!'

'My Teddy's name is Jess, and she sits on my head and people laugh!
She likes to fetch and sniff and she sleeps in the daytime and is awake at night.'

'It's Rubble from Paw Patrol.He likes to eat cookies, he likes bubble baths.He enjoys running and jumping, just the same as me!! He's really funny, cause he sticks out his tongue, that's rude! Haaaa!!!
He makes a sound like Ha! Ha!
He wears his hat cause he is going to the jungle in his Pawpatroller.Rider is his boss. He is the demonstrator for the pups. He calls them if there is an emergency'

'That's my Teddy, his name is called Teddy. I play with him on trampoline. He talk, it's not a real talk. He says "I wanna go on the trampoline!"  He eats brocoli, and drinks water and sleeps in my bed.' 

'This is Aising 2, she's wearing my tee-shirt. I wanted to wear clothes and shoes. I lost my teddy bear hat and my talking birdie. I feel bad because I lost them.
I sleep with her every morning. She went asleep without going toilet. My mammy tied the boys for me.
She has black eyes and a wiggly tail.
Sh'e gonna poop now Poop!!  Ha Ha Ha! '   

We're going on a bear hunt!'                                                        'We're gonna catch a big one !  '

The bears are walking through the woods

Hoorah! Today!

The bears are walking through the woods

To eat and play.

They catch some fish. They eat them, too.


They munch on berries, quite a few!

Then they run around and climb
Up a tree!

There goes one! two! and three!

We all go marching Hurray Hurray Today!