Established 1992

Easter Celebrations

We made pretend chocolate nests for Easter. We broke up the chocolate, melted it in the microwave and had to stir, and stir and stir to keep it soft. The chocolate smelled delicious.

Then we mixed in cornflakes and had to stir again and again!! We put that into our little nests, and put baby chicks and baby eggs on top.We brought the nests home to eat on Easter Sunday Yum Yum!!

We painted Easter Chicks with forks, and put on googly eyes and a beak!

The Easter Bunny came to our school and hid the eggs in our class. We had to run and look under the tables, the shelves, the library, all around our class to find the eggs!  

On our last day we had a party and teacher showed us a real baby hatching from her nest on her computer. It took ages for her to get out of her egg, she was tiny, and so cute!! Being born is hard work!