Established 1992

Halloween Celebrations!


'We had great fun making chocolate apples ! '

'We had to break up the chocolate.Then we melted it and dipped the apples in'

'Next we put loads of  sprinkles on top.' 

' Sometimes we got chocolate on our fingers and licked it off  that was funny! 

'The chocolate apples were delicious! '


'We mady scary pumpkin masks and sang our pumpkin song.

" Five Little Pumpkins Sitting On A Gate" '

Lisa was sad! she forgot her costume!'

Lisa I found a withcehs nail!
Witches need sharp nails
That nail looks scary!
Lisa I can put the nose on!
I will put the nail o n your baby finger

'Teresa found a witches costume in our class!'

I will help you put your dress on
Lisa loves the Incredible Hulk
That nail is very sharp!
Don't move I'm putting on your hair!

'Don't worry Lisa we will help you dress up! ' 

Woops! your nail nearly fell off!
Witches say Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Witches have scary teeth!
Finished! Lisa looks like a scary witch!
Woops! nail fell off Police to the rescue!!
You're under arrest!!
Off to the station in Police Car!!
The Boo Crew! Too cute to scare!!
Let's Dance !!

We had the best Halloween Party ever!!  We showed all our friends our costumes and pretended to be witches, monsters, skeletons, princesses, ghosts, dracula,zombies, pumpkins and spiderman. We weren't scared it's only pretend!!

Then we had our party with Halloween treats, and later played games, sang and danced. We learned how to do the Time Warp and the Ghostbuster song was the funniest!!'